Profiles of some of our Network Associates

Core Expertise - Client engagement, Business & IT solutions, Cover Wide Range of Industry & Business Sectors
In his 16 years of experience, this person has worked extensively across Indonesia and other parts in Asia. His engagements have covered clients in range of industries and business, such as - consumer products, building materials, mining and metals, retail, distribution, third party logistics, banking etc. He has covered business solutions like balanced score cards, strategy maps, activity based costing, strategic planning, management cockpit / dashboard etc. He was instrumental in forging strategic ties with innovative solutions providers involved. The engagements also covered IT consulting and solutions such as IT roadmaps, software selection, ERP deployments, B2B integration, mobile solutions, customer care & billing as well as logistics & Supply chain solutions. He has worked through major ERP as well as niche solution implementation engagements. Academically he is an engineering degree holder from premier engineering college of Mumbai University and post graduate degree holder in marketing management from a premier business school in Mumbai.

Core Expertise - Logistics and distribution management for FMCG and consumer durable products
In his 17 years of experience he has worked through all phases of supply chain and logistics operations. His work has included as stages right from managing container loads for shipping companies through warehouse operations management and then for distribution of goods through entire supply chain. He has worked mainly on food and FMCG products, electronic and entertainment products in Middle East. He has worked extensively in Dubai and Bahrain for major MNCs for distribution of their products. He would handle dozens of SKUs and products both on inbound and outbound cycles. He has effectively deployed his expertise and available transport / warehousing resources to increase customer satisfaction. He is able to do all kinds of operations planning, logistics management to manage cost budgets as well as optimization of other operations aspects for effective control on operations. He is able to use SAP and other related systems effectively to manage these flows of SKUs, pallets and trucks moving in and out of his warehouse. Academically he is a first class graduate in commerce from Mumbai University.

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